Vahid Khalilpour Akram
Bakircay University, Computer Programming II

Reference Book

Benjamin Perkins, Jacob Vibe Hammer, Jon D. Reid, BEGINNING C# 7 Programming with Visual Studio 2017, WROX 2018.


  • Homeworks-lab:15%
  • Mid-Term Exam:30%
  • Final Exam:55%



The lesson on 26.03.2019 is cancelled.

Sample Problems:


submit homeworks here

  • Write a program to read 4 numbers from input and print maximum of them. (due date 2019/02/26)
  • Write a program to play 8*8 othello game. (due date 2019/04/02)
    • initially each player should have 2 pieces in the middle of board
    • each player can only select an empty square
    • each move should take at least 1 piece from opponent (if possible)
    • the winner should be reported at the end of game
  • Extend 8*8 othello game so that it meet the followings: (due date 2019/04/02)
    • Has at least 5 functions for
      1. Displaying the board
      2. Accepting User Data
      3. Cheking the Possibility of a move
      4. Finding a move for Computer player
      5. Finding the winner
    • Computer can play against the user as either Idiot or Clever player:
      1. Idiot player search from first position and puts its pieces in the first possible position
      2. Clever player search all positions and puts its pieces in a place that take maximum possible pices from opponent
    • You may choose any of the players to implement. (Clever player has +15 bonus points)

  • class filaes for homework 5
  • Chess Project Template (+15 bonus)