Vahid Khalilpour Akram
UBI 506 - Secure Web Programming


  • Homeworks:30%
  • Final Project:40%
  • Final Exam:30%


Final Project


Please upload all homeworks to Moodle.

  • HomeWork #1: Implement a web site for personal CV with at least 4 pages using HTML and CSS codes. The pages must have at least one navigation bar. (due date 2018/10/09)
  • HomeWork #2:
    1. Implement Google Online Calculator using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (due date 2018/10/16)
    2. Implement a web page to read this JSON file and display information about TWD tv show in a table (due date 2018/10/16)
  • HomeWork #3: Implement a web application for English-Turkish dictionary using HTML forms and Node.JS. Keep your words in a word.csv (sample) file in the server side. (due date 2018/10/30)
  • HomeWork #4: Implement a web application to display information about TWD tv show using Javascript, DOM and Node.js according to the following requirements: (due date 2018/11/06)
    • Server should support the following urls:
      • \ or \all: display the movie and all episodes information
      • \episode?id= eid: display information of episode with id=eid (get episode id from user)
      • \season?id= sid: display information of all episodes in season with id=sid (get season id from user)
      • \remove?id= eid: remove the information of episode with id=eid from the server (get episode id from user)
    • Server should send requested movie Information in JSON format
    • Use JavaScript and DOM in front end to show the received information
    • Use Node.js to implement http server and back end program
    • Server should send an error message if the requested url is not suported
    • Submit your front and back end codes in two different folders
  • HomeWork #5: Implement a web based chat application using websocket, Node.JS, JSON and MySQL with the following requirements: (due date 2018/11/27)
    • User Registeration.
    • Users should login before starting to chat
    • Users will be able to see the offline and onlie users
    • Users will be able to send/see private/public message to/from other online users.
    • Exchange Information in JSON format.
    • (Bonus +10) Users will be able to send file to other users.