Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background:


Ph.D. in Information Technologies

 Ege University, International Computer Institute, İzmir, TURKIYE (2007 - 2017)


Graduate Dissertation:

Survivability of Optical Networks for High Availability (in Turkish)


 Keywords: Routing, rate and wavelength assignment, mixed line rate networks, shared backup protection, dedicated backup protection.



M.Sc. in Information Technologies

Ege University, International Computer Institute, İzmir, TURKIYE (2004 - 2007)


Graduate Thesis:

A Video Encryption Study Designed for H.264 Scalable Video Codec (SVC) with Layered Security Support   (in Turkish)


 Keywords: H.264, multi media encryption, scalable video encryption, scalable quality, layered security.



B.Sc. in Computer Engineering

         Dokuz Eylül University, Engineering Faculty,

Department of Computer Engineering, İzmir, TURKIYE (1999 - 2004)

         (Educational Language: English)


Graduate Thesis:

Ticket Reservation and Sales Automation (in Turkish)


Keywords: İnterurban bus transportation automation, central and distributed database design, desktop and mobile application, Pocket PC.



High School

İzmir Private Tevfik Fikret High School - Science School, TURKİYE (1992 - 1999)




Curriculum Vitae:

Curriculum Vitae