Research Projects


[1]  Providing an Environment for Behavior and Performance Evaluation of Distributed Algorithms, DASM (Distributed Algorithm Simulation and Modeling): We have developed a tool in Java which can accept a distributed algorithm and emulate it in a network of computer and finally gives you running information and shows you messages and communications during its run. (Executor)

[2]  Implementation of KDD Techniques on Data Base of University Instructors, IAU Shabestar, Iran, 2009 (Executor).

[3]  Designing and Implementation of Web based Information Systems for Paper Less Management of Research Projects, IAU Shabestar, Iran, (Executor).

[4]  Optimization of Fault Tolerant and Reliability in Distributed Systems, SID Research and Technology, Iran (Researcher), Grant No: 1376-11

[5]  Anlamsal Web Yetenekli Çok-etmenli Sistemler İçin Alana Modelleme Dili, Research project funded by the Scientific Research Projects Directorate of Ege University under grant number 12-BIL-041, duration 2 years, (Researcher).

[6]  A DSML for Semantic Web based MASs, 3-year Bilateral project by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under grant number 109E125 and Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) under grant number BI-TR/10-12-004, March 2010- March 2013 (Researcher).

[7]  Semiautomatic Production of Distributed Programs with Class Clustering, IAU Shabestar, Iran, 2009 (Researcher).

[8]  Model Driven Development for Composite Content Applications; Project duration: 16 months, a national project in Turkey (Consultant). Sep 2012 – Dec 2013

A joint R&D project between KoçSistem Information Communication Services Inc. and UNIT Information Technologies R&D Ltd. The Project proposal is accepted by Industrial R&D Funding Programme of TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey). Resource Allocation is about 100 man-month.

[9]  ModelWriter: Text & Model-Synchronized Document Engineering Platform, Project duration: 36 months stating from 1 Oct 2014, An International Project among French, Turkey and Belgium, ITEA-2 Call 8, 2014-2017. We are leading the project and two work packages from all 7 work packages (Researcher). The project websites are:   and

The project envisions an integrated authoring environment called "ModelWriter", which will be locally used by each author/contributor. This will combine two parts, a semantic word processor (= the "Writer" part), which resembles a typical word processor but capable of "understanding" pieces of text and transparently creating models of contents out of them, and a Knowledge Capture Tool (= the "Model" part), which resembles a spreadsheet table, or other familiar information modelling tools.

[10]    ASSUME: Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution, Project duration: 36 months starting from 1 Sep 2015, An International Project among Sweden, French, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands (under the leadership of Germany, Daimler), ITEA-3 Call 1, 2015-2018. The project consortium includes 39 partners; some of them are: Daimler, Scania, Airbus, Thales, Inria, KIT, Bosch, TU/e, Ericsson, KTH and so on. The project has 7 work packages and I am the leader of work package 6: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Standardization (Project researcher and WP6 Leader). The project websites are:   and

Project abstract: Future mobility solutions will increasingly rely on smart components that continuously monitor the environment and assume more and more responsibility for a convenient, safe and reliable operation. Currently the single most important roadblock for this market is the ability to come up with an affordable, safe multi-core development methodology that allows industry to deliver trustworthy new functions at competitive prices. ASSUME will provide a seamless engineering methodology, which addresses this roadblock on the constructive and analytic side.

[11]    Supporting the Interoperability between Domain-specific Agent Modeling Languages with Horizontal Model Transformations, Research project funded by the Scientific Research Projects Directorate of Ege University under grant 16-UBE-001, duration 2 years, Stating from: June, 2016 (Researcher).

[12]    AgentDSM-Eval: Developing a Framework on Evaluating Domain-specific Modeling Languages for Multi-agent Systems, bilateral project between Turkey and Portuguese, funded by TUBITAK Turkey and FCT Portugal, Start date: March 2017, duration 3 years (Researcher)

[13]    A Case Study for the Model-driven Development of Contiki OS Based IoT Software (Turkish: Contiki İşletim Sistemi Tabanlı Nesnelerin Interneti Yazılımlarının Modellemeye Dayalı Geliştirilmesi İçin Bir Durum Çalışması), Research project funded by the Scientific Research Projects Directorate of Ege University under grant number 17-UBE-002, duration 2 years, Stating from: July 2017 (Executor).

[14]    Model Based SCADA Software Development (PLC Recipe), R&D Project for Akarmak Mechanics Company. Duration 8 months. Starting from:  Feb 2018 (Consultant for UNIT IT Ltd.)