UBE 507
2011-2012 FALL

Catalog Data: Computer Networking, 3 hours lecture.

Instructor: Dr. Mehmet E. DALKILIC  (mehmet.emin.dalkilic@ege.edu.tr)

TA: Sercan Demirci (sercan.demirci@ege.edu.tr)

Textbook : James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 5th ed. Pearson, 2009

Goals: To introduce the computer network basics, application layer, transport layer, network layer and data link layer

with a focus on important Internet applications, such as wireless and mobile networks, multimedia networking and security.

Prerequisites: Basic Mathematics Skills



    Note: Only a subset of homework problems may be graded for each assignment.

   Class material slides

            Assignment#1  (Due date: Oct 3th, 2011)

1.      Show that in a packet-switching network with 35 users where each user is active 10% of the time,

 probability that more than 10 users are active simultaneously is less than 0.0004.

2.      Problems P2, P5, P7, P24 of Chap 1 Here are the problems courtesy of  Müge Sayit  


            Assignment#2  (Due date: Oct 10th, 2011)

Do Wireshark Lab1 and Lab2 Submit your written results.


Assignment#3  (Due date: Oct 24th, 2011)

Do Wireshark Lab4(DNS) Submit your written results.


Assignment#4  (Due date: October 31st, 2011)

1.      Problems P6, P10, P16, P19 and P22 of Chap 2   Here are the problems courtesy of  TA Sercan Demirci


Assignment#5  (Due date: Nov 14th, 2011)

           Problems P2, P5, P11, P14 and P17 of Chap 3  Here are the problems courtesy of  TA Sercan Demirci

and Do Wireshark Lab5(TCP)  except for Part 4 concerning TCP Congestion Control.

Submit your written results.


Assignment#6  (Due date: Dec 5th, 2011)

Do Wireshark Lab6(IP) Submit your written results.


Assignment #7 (Due date: Dec 12th, 2011)

Problems 3,6,11,16,20, and 25 of Chap4 Here are the problems courtesy of  TA Sercan Demirci


           Assignment#8  (Due date: Dec 26, 2011  Last homework J)

               Problems 5, 7, 16 and 19 of Chap 5  Here are the problems courtesy of course TA Sercan Demirci

            And Do Wireshark  Ethernet_ARP_ Lab Submit your written results












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